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Road Redemption Adds Mac Version To Early Access Today

Arcade tribute Road Redemption launches a Mac version of its game on Steam today. Currently, the vehicular combat title that channels Road Rash is going through an Early Access period.

Aside from becoming accessible to Apple product users, Road Redemption will push through some performance updates as well. It’s been pretty consistent in its manageability, ever since launch.

Given the amount of chaos on the screen at any one time, the arcade title has had frequent framerate foibles in its budding first few builds. Since then, the developers have been in contact with the community extensively to counter as much of that as possible.

More than just a bike blood sport, Road Redemption adds several levels of craziness to races. For one, locations go from normal desert roads to rooftop jumps. There’s even a visit to old Rainbow Road.

Additionally, the racing title has some insane ragdoll physics, both for drivers as well as vehicles. It builds on this by having traffic violently collide into each other, creating a cluster of shredded metal on the road.

There’s sort of a roguelike factor in Road Redemption. Each playthrough, players can rack up cash to improve their stats in races.

When defeated, the total experience gained can be put towards abilities that carry over to other games. These skills can include better vehicles, more health and so on.

Another thing Road Redemption does is to add firearms to the mix. Enemies can be shot off their bikes with pistols, shotguns and grenade launchers.

Road Redemption is part of the current Steam sale at a 20% discount. Its Mac version hasn’t gone live at the time of writing, but it’s expected soon.