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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Update 1.2 Will Go Live in December

According to the official Nintendo website for Japan, the next update 1.2 for the highly popular and newly released titles, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, will be available for download in early December.

The update which will probably hit the Nintendo eShop in the first week of December, is aiming to fix a glitch at the ending movie. This glitch made the games stop and Nintendo suggests that you download this update, even if you never faced this problem.

Unfortunately, details about the update are very limited and we don’t know much about it, other then the information posted above. From the looks of it, the sole purpose of the update is to fix the movie glitch.

Nintendo games don’t often encounter issues and have a very good track record, when it comes to performance. Nintendo is also pretty vigilant when it comes to minor bugs like this.

Just recently, Nintendo released an update version 1.1 for the Pokemon ORAS. Update 1.1 was released to fix a few minor glitches to make the experience even better.

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