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MMO Fighter Lost Saga Now Also On Steam

Online brawler, Lost Saga, has walked its way to Steam. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game is still a free-to-play item in its new home.

In essence, Lost Saga is a classic fighting game. There’s a giant roster of playable characters, each with their own moves and specialties.

There are over 60 picks in the roster. These characters may include names from other franchises, such as Rachel Alucard from the BlazBlue fighter series.

Fighters can be divided into a few groups. Aside from melee experts, it’s possible to pick a ranged, magic or special style.

Moves include classic tropes, such as the ability to switch characters during a combo to create long strings. Moreover, the game allows for character upgrades and customization through equipment.

There is a classic one versus one mode in Lost Saga, but the real fun starts when the game deviates from the side-scrolling fighter to an open world brawl fest. For starters, there’s a deathmatch and team match to punch rivals to bits.

Other game modes include Prisoner, where the goal is to tie down the opposing team, as well as a mission to destroy the other side’s power stone.

Cooperative play can be done in Crusade, where characters take on a large labyrinth. There will be an Adventure mode later on as well.

Just a few years back, Lost Saga was actually running into some hot waters. When its online host decided to call it a day, the MMO disappeared for a while, before getting picked up by free-to-play publisher Nexon.

On Steam, Lost Saga is hosted by Smilegate West.