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Medici, the Mediterranean World of Just Cause 3 Explained by Avalanche Studios

What would you want to see in the world that Avalanche Studios is creating for you in Just Cause 3? A world with culture, color, beauty, believability and approachability entwined with a dictatorship, oppression and danger.

That sounds just perfect, and that also happens to be what Medici, the fictional world of their upcoming game, is all about.

Art director for Just Cause 3 Zach Schlappi recently explained what exactly went down while creating Medici for the game. While developers of other games have gone as far as Florence, Italy, the characteristics that Avalanche Studios is looking for are more akin to Monaco.

Everyone’s done South America. Everyone has done Eastern Russia, but we thought that the Mediterranean was an untapped resource. I looked at a span of places from Sicily to Northern Africa to Greece to Albania, which gave us a nice quilt to work with.

There are some great dusty environments, and you get some of that hot hazy feeling, those beautiful emerald waters, and those great big skies. It seems like a great area to lay waste to, because it was so beautiful.

Check out the screenshots and concept art shared by the developers here.

They have mixed up specific shades to show the oppression and the trouble like grey, yellow and red and put them on top of an otherwise perfect tourist destination that introduces itself with gold and teall blue.

As far as the terrain is concerned, you will get the brutality of jagged rocks and deep sea cliffs complementing another coastline with sandy beaches. On the insides, you have lavender fields contrasting scrublands full of deforestation and industries.

Lastly, Just Cause 3 also has ice capped mountains on the farther ends and between them and the lavender fields are vast forests. What else could you ask from Avalanche Studios?

I am already falling for this place!