Loadout Coop Campaign and Kroad Detailed by Edge of Reality

Back in January, Loadout was released on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows by Edge of Reality. It has been a while since, and the developers were overdue on some more information regarding the future of the game.

So now, they have released a new video introducing us to another group of characters that is going to join you in the new coop campaign mode of the game; Kroad – the Blutonium hunting lunatics. Director of Marketing at Edge of Reality, Greg Bauman explained:

A group of intergalactic, Blutonium-hungry killers decided to show up and take all the rocks for themselves. They’re called the Kroad, and it turns out their way of solving Blutonium-related disputes is remarkably similar to our own, and involves the gratuitous application of needlessly overpowered weapons to anybody in their way.

They are going to go up against you of course but you can also work together at times to get rid of the aliens; that is where the new coop campaign mode of Loadout comes in.

So far there isn’t much that they have shared about the coop mode except the trailer above and this post on the PlayStation Blog EU. You might want to check out everything else they are saying by going to the post itself.

Do come back and tell us what you think about the Loadout coop mode.