Hyrule Warriors Update 1.4.0 Adds Twilight Princess DLC

Since the release of Hyrule Warriors, the game has been getting new updates and fresh content every now and then. So, continuing the trend, some fresh contents is now available.

Fans will be excited to know that Nintendo has now released another DLC for the game called The Twilight Princess. Purchase the DLC to play as Midna and use the Twilight mirror.

Moreover, while playing as Zelda, you can use the Copy Rod weapon. The DLC will also add a new adventure map and some new costumes for Zelda and Link.

All of this is available for the price of $7.99.

While the DLC will cost you $7.99, the latest update 1.4.0, won’t cost you a dime. Nintendo has added more content into the game with this update including medals and new a warrior level.

But most of all, this update has added support for amiibo figurines. Players can now touch an amiibo to the Wii U’s GamePad to get presents. Keep in mind that a single amiibo will only give to one present per day.

You can check out the changelog for update 1.4.0 below:

  • The maximum warrior level is now 150
  • You can now carry up to 999 of a single type of material
  • New mixtures have appeared in the Apothecary
  • New medals are waiting to be won
  • You can now receive amiibo presents!

If that’s not enough content for you, the next DLC for Hyrule Warriors known as Majora’s Mask will be released in January 2015. The DLC will also cost $7.99 and will add a couple of new playable characters, costumes and more.

Source: Zelda