Hotfix 15.1.4 Released for Football Manager 2015, Various Crashing Issues Fixed

Hotfix 15.1.4 has rolled out for Football Manager 2015 and with that players can finally expect to start managing without the fear of their game crashing.

According to developer Sports Interactive, this hotfix had been “most frustrating” to release because some issues were very hard to track down.

“This has been the most frustrating hotfix to get out in my 20 years at SI. We had the actual issues listed sorted a week ago. But as is the way, sometimes fixes end up breaking something bigger. In this case, it was an issue whereby matches, when replaying, were giving different results.

Which is one of the hardest things to track as it could be anywhere in the code. After dozens of red herrings & ridiculously late nights for many people in the last week, it was finally traced last night. Hurrah.”

The new update increases the speed for saving games, fixes various crash routines and bugs, and adds a few improvements overall. You can read the patch notes below.


  • Optimised save game speeds
  • Fixed game launch issues linked to local user permissions
  • Fixed rare crash on continue

Match Engine

  • Improved defensive reactions to crosses and corners
  • Tweaked wide defending of wingers
  • Improved goalkeeper reaction times after an initial save
  • Various other goalkeeper improvements
  • Fixed further instances of own goals being awarded incorrectly
  • Fixed further instances of players not being given offside when collecting rebounds
  • Fixed rare instances of U18 teams starting match with only a goalkeeper, resulting in high scorelines
  • Fixed problem where AI teams would sub many of their players off the pitch without replacements, resulting in high scorelines

Data and Competitions

  • Fixed Greek Superleague scheduling
  • Martin Ødegaard added to new games
  • Added licensed kits for MLS expansion teams

User Interface

  • Added player Role & Duty to pitch on tactics screen

Source: SI Games