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Free Updates For Endless Legend And Endless Space

Publisher Iceberg Interactive has released free new additions to its strategy titles Endless Legend and its predecessor, Endless Space. Both Steam titles are from the series that the company works on with developer Amplitude Studios.

Downloadable content (DLC) for Endless Space is appended to its paid Disharmony expansion. This batch is called Chronicles of the Lost.

In Chronicles of the Lost, empires will find 32 new random events, 8 of which are found through exploration, while the remainder is encountered through colonization. Moreover, the game adds an introduction for The Vaulters faction, one of the races that fight over the planet Auriga of the franchise’s lore.

More improvements in Endless Space can be found in artificial intelligence, which now retreats, stops spamming and can start a game with a custom faction. It’s also possible to mod in-game visuals, such as loading screens.

Hex-tile conquest game, Endless Legend, calls its free expansion Visions of the Unseen. Its most important addition is a new minor faction, called the Eyeless One.

Minor factions can be found scurrying across the map. Creatures originate from a sort of lair that can be assimilated.

Additionally, Visions of the Unseen adds 10 new side quests that can be found through ruins. Factions now have specific diplomatic options.

Combat is patched to improve auto and manual battles; balance stats, abilities and improvements, as well as adapting the user interface. World generation now comes with advanced options.

With the Steam sale raging on, both 4X games receive a discount. Endless Space can be bought 66% off, while the newer Endless Legend is up at a 33% discount.