Evolve Behind the Scenes Video Discusses Hunter Variation

Fans who have been following the upcoming co-op title, Evolve would know that there are a total of 12 playable hunters in the game spanning across four different classes.

To let people know how these characters and classes came into being, developers have released a new behind the scenes video.

Turtle Rock Studios emphasizes that every single class has been crafted totally different from the other, so that the players can get unique experience when they try each of them out.

Developers also reveal that each class was tested on in early stages, and then the best ideas were brought into the game.

All four of these classes will have to combine their skills to take out one mighty beast.

Furthermore, the developers discuss the characters design, saying that each character has received equal importance from the creators, so that players could feel certain attachment with them.

Then they move on to talk about the gear for the characters, which has also received special treatment. Players will notice that the primary weapon of the characters is connected with their abilities.

For example, one of the characters has a silenced sniper rifle as a primary weapon, and he has been given the ability to cloak and bring dead back to life, so overall, he will be acting as a stealthy character.

Developers have also shed some light on some specific characters, you can get all the information in the attached video above.

Evolve is set to see the light of day on February 10, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.