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DayZ Creator Dean Hall Quits Reddit after Pricing, Release Complaints

Recently, the developers of DayZ shared their schedule and pricing plans for the game announcing that it won’t be fully released until the first half of 2016 at a price of $50 after the early access. That will happen in two steps, first a hike to $35 after Steam Fall sale and then the final release price of DayZ.

Apparently, these changes and some others in the full schedule were received with a lot of criticism at the hands of the community especially over at Reddit. Dean Hall, the game creator was at the receiving and it appears he didn’t want to hear more.

Dean Hall quit Reddit and confirmed so in a sad tweet here.

According to the schedule shared, Q1 2015 will see basic health system, diseases, basic vehicles, new renderer, new zombie AI and advanced loot system. This will be followed by a new UI, player statistics, stamina, dynamic events, life cycles and group behavior of animals, and repair and modifications of vehicles in Q2 2015.

Q3 2015 will bring in traps, barricading, predator animals and birds, aerial transport, character lifespan, soft skills and a console prototype. Lastly, the Q4 2015 will ready animal companions, base constructions, Steam integration and the Beta version that will be priced at $43.99.

That last bit was what stung the most.

DayZ has gone through a lot of changes ever since the development started. The developers made a lot of decisions, and the engine revamp was on top of the list. Owing to all those reasons, the development process has been slow and probably more expensive leading to all the unwelcome announcements.

I don’t think that rallying for this against the developers on a place like Reddit is going to help; if this decision has been made after due consideration, I don’t see Bohemia taking it back.