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Clever Dev Willfully Delays Tengami To Avoid End-Season Rush

Developer Nyamyam is willingly taking itself out of the race for the end of the year and has announced that their Steam release of papercraft adventure title Tengami will be delayed into next year. A new date has been set on January 15, 2015.

While Tengami is completely ready to launch on Steam, the developer doesn’t feel like rubbing shoulders with the competition. In a blog post, the company explains its motives:

Unfortunately November and December happen to be some of the busiest months for gaming releases. With Christmas coming up, a lot of big titles are being released and most of the big publishers are fighting over the ‘big Christmas business’.

We’ve had several weeks where releases have been stacked up against the roof. It’s also a source of worry the developer for Super Win the Game voiced, when their tiny indie game went up against Shadow of Mordor and several others.

Prominent members of the gaming press have expressed similar feelings on social media, warning small projects not to try to get in between the items that require coverage. Nyamyam has picked up the memo, as their message continues as follows:

The gaming press is very busy with covering these big releases. We worry releasing Tengami into this situation will result in greatly decreased attention by press and players alike. Visibility is nowadays one of the key factors for a game’s success on any platform and frankly we don’t think that we will be able to create enough awareness for the game’s launch during the ‘festive’ season.

It’s pretty clever for Tengami to take a breather. Even consumers will probably be playing their holiday purchases until January comes around.

Then again, Tengami will need to take into account the leagues of games that have skipped a 2014 release, going into the next year.

Those who have preordered Tengami will still receive a Steam key early.