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Ultra Street Fighter IV Patch 1.04 Detailed; Adds Edition Select Mode

Fans of Ultra Street Fighter IV wouldn’t need telling about the incoming patch 1.04, however you guys might be highly interested in knowing more about the contents of that patch.

The official website of Capcom has a post where they have discussed the prominent features that the Ultra Street Fighter IV patch 1.04 is going to add to the game.

Top of the list, of course, is the Edition Select mode where you get to try out the different versions of your characters from previous versions of Street Fighter IV:

Street Fighter IV Now players will be able to test out their favorite dream matches against all challengers across the globe. For the uninitiated, Edition Select allows players to pick any version of their favorite character from any version of SFIV that they’ve been in, balance and all. We’ve also added icons per version so that players will be able to adjust their strategies that much quicker.

The Edition Select mode will come with a ON/OFF feature when it comes to Endless, Team, Tournament and Online training’s custom lobbies.

Moving on, you are also going to get a list of wild costumes that will be donned by your favorite characters. We have added a gallery below to showcase what those costumes look like.

All this is in addition to the already announced Omega Mode where all the characters are going to get new moves. While only allowed in unranked matches, this mode is going to experiment big time with the game.

Have you been keeping a check on everything that is happening in the Ultra Street Fighter IV world? I bet you are excited about the Edition Select mode!