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Titanfall Update 8 Coming to Xbox 360 In December

The biggest update of Titanfall called update 8 got released for Xbox One and PC last month, and Respawn promised that Xbox 360 players will get it sometime later.

The wait is now over for Microsoft’s last-gen console players, as Respawn has revealed that update 8 will arrive on 1st of December.

It is a free update, which includes ranked play, co-op mode and a bulk of other features.

The co-op game mode is called Frontier Defense, and you along with three of your friends will be able to participate.

The mode features some of the old enemies along with some new ones including hordes of Grunts, stealthy sniper Spectres, cloak Drones, nuclear Titans, ranged mortar Titans, melee resistant arc Titans and explosive suicide Spectres.

In addition, it will include ranked play, which forces you to perform better than the other pilots. This ranking system is not exclusive to any mode, instead it will be used in all competitive matches.

Capture the Flag mode has received a sudden death update, which is described as:

“In Capture the Flag if the timer runs out and the scores are tied, the match will go into Sudden Death. Respawning is disabled, the first team to capture the enemy’s flag will win.”

Some other additions coming to the game are listed below:

  • Map Stars
  • Full Screen Mini-map
  • New Titan Insignias
  • Private Match Burn Car Sets
  • Black Market Additions
  • Some Minor Adjustments

You can read up on all patch notes of Titanfall update 8 on the game’s official website.