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These 14 Games Have Been Approved for UK Tax Relief

The BFI has approved 14 games so far for UK tax relief. 11 of them have been revealed but the other 3 are being kept a secret so far.

The BFI has granted interim certificates to 13 games, while one has received final certification. You can see the 11 revealed games below:

  • Beyond Flesh and Blood, from Manchester-based Pixelbomb Games
  • Fractured Space, from Guildford-based Edge Case Games
  • Gingersnap, from Hereford-based Elderberry Post Ltd
  • MazeCraft, from HyperLiger
  • Potion Pop, from Brighton-based Delinquent Interactive Ltd
  • Shred It!, from Glasgow-based Extra Mile Studios Ltd
  • SKARA – The Blade Remains, from London-based SKARA The Blade Remains Ltd
  •, from Lancashire-based Soccer Manager Ltd
  • Soul Axiom, from Bridgend-based Wales Interactive
  • Wayward Tide, from London-based Chucklefish Games
  • Space-Pants, from Boxface Games

As I mentioned above, there is only one game that received final certification. That game is Space-Pants and you’ll be surprised to know that the game is created by a 12-years old developer. Space-Pants was among one of the best new games on Apple store, back in June.

Since August, BFI has been handing out certifications to games through cultural test. So far they have received over 30 applications.

The video games industry is dynamic and creative. Its contribution in the economy of UK, is increasing every year. Through tax relief, BFI is aiming to build a stronger foundation for this business so that it can flourish rapidly.

Source: MCV