Sunset Overdrive Upcoming Content Will be Selected Via Voting

Weapons Pack DLC and Soundtrack of Sunset Overdrive were released earlier today, and now developers are giving players a chance to choose what the next content for the game should be.

In a video posted today, Insomniac has revealed that the voting will take place every couple of weeks, so that you can have your say about the upcoming DLC content.

First round of voting has kicked off and developers want you to choose between Buck National and Floyd costumes.

Winning character’s outfit will be available for free as a present for the community, and it will become part of the storyline DLC which is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2015.

All the details of voting will be unveiled in the weekly videos of Sunset TV. After getting the information, you will have to go to the game’s Sunset TV shops to cast your vote.

If your casted vote is for the loser, then it is not a complete waste, instead you will be given bonus points. More points you have with you, more powerful your vote will be for the future decisions.

You can also earn these points by completing weekly challenges. This week’s challenge is offering 650 points so go for it.

For more details on Sunset Overdrive and this new voting system, check out the attached video above or visit the game’s official website.