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Secret Ponchos Launches Free On PS4 Playstation Plus Next Month

Developer Switchblade Monkeys’ current project, Secret Ponchos, is ready for launch on Playstation 4. It will arrive on the console on December 2, 2014.

As a sizable bonus, Playstation Plus subscribers will receive the game for free, as it’s part of the December lineup of freebies. That’s ideal, given that it’s a multiplayer game and the PS4 requires a subscription for online battles.

In Secret Ponchos, players are taken to the tumultuous Wild West in an isometric perspective. Outlaws duke it out in gunfights that can support up to 8 players.

Game modes support both single competitive fights and team objectives. There are five outlaws to choose from, though more will be added later.

As fights are won and kills are stacked up, the characters will get larger bounties on their head that can be collected by opponents. To stay alive, Secret Ponchos has cover and plenty of obscuring obstructions set in its thematic levels.

Aside from the online modes, it is still technically possible to play locally with two people in split-screen. This is also available to fight as a team online.

Strangely enough, the release date for Secret Ponchos on PS4 does not translate to PC. There, the shooter is currently on Steam via Early Access.

There is, however, still an incentive to grab the game on Steam. It may not be free, but those who purchase Secret Ponchos while it’s in Early Access will receive an additional copy free of charge, so you always have someone to play with.