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PlayStation Experience Teaser Hints at a New Title by David Jaffe

Sony is gearing up for the upcoming PlayStation Experience event, where a ton of PlayStation 4 games will be available to play along with a lot of other stuff.

Today, as a teaser for the event, Sony released a new video called Notebook.

Just at 18 seconds mark, a page is ripped apart reveling a new link:

Upon visiting this link, we get a look at another video, which is quite weird and creepy.

Some further investigation brought us to a Linkedin page, where it was revealed that a new studio comprising of former SCEA employees is working on a new action IP called “The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.”

The studio is headed by David Jaffe, Michael Riccio and Nick Kononelo, and they reveal that the studio is fully funded and is working on an original IP.

Our company is fully funded and is currently creating our first game – an action title based on an original IP. We are actively searching for talented teammates to join the agency (especially programmers with Unity and/or online experience).

So, David Jaffe who has previously worked on the games like Twisted Metal and God of War is working on a new IP, which will be officially unveiled at PlayStation Experience Event.

We will not have to wait for too long to get our first look at the new title, as the event is scheduled to take place on December 6 and 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.