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GTA V Patch 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One Brings Stability

Patch 1.04 for GTA V Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions has been released, and just like most of updates nowadays, it only adds a few stability changes to GTA V Online.

It might be for the money glitches or some of the exploits that players have managed to found in the latest version, but we cannot say anything with certainty until the full changelog is revealed.

At the time of writing, no official announcement for this update has been made by Rockstar.

Rockstar promised that online heists will become part of GTA V after the game has been launched on the current-gen consoles, which is why a lot of people were expecting the next update to add them, but sadly it is not the case.

Until the heists are added to the game’s multiplayer mode, you will have to keep yourself busy with the other available missions.

GTA V launched with a bang on current-gen consoles last week, as it managed to get the top spot in sales, and also received the honor of being the bestselling game of all time in UK.

The game was even re-purchased by a lot of players because they wanted to try out the newly added features and see the improved visuals.

No heists in GTA V online after all this time is certainly disappointing but hopefully, they will become part of the game soon.