Grey Goo Releases on January 23, 2015; Developer Diary Shared

It had been a while since Petroglyph Games turned some head with Grey Goo, their real time strategy title. We recently heard from them again.

The developers agreed that they are well overdue won sharing information on the development state of the game but confirmed that is not the case anymore. The game is almost here; January 23, 2015 will see the Steam release!

Instead of more on the Alpha or a Beta, we are going to get the full release in less than a month’s time:

We know that many of you were hoping to be involved in a more full-blown Beta Testing phase. However, instead, we have been focused on using the data we received to improve the game so that we can get Grey Goo into your hands and onto your computer as soon as possible.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that Grey Goo will be released on Steam, January 23rd, 2015!

Now, if you are still wondering about that lack of information regarding where the game is right now; Petroglyph has shared their very first developer diary for Grey Goo.

Above, the developer diary starts off with Mike Legg the president and cofounder of Petroglyph sitting with Ted Morris the executive producer of the game who mostly talk about the Alpha testing and the work they have done based on the feedback.

The developers also advised the fans to keep an eye out for more of developer diaries, gameplay videos and other information regarding Grey Goo as we wait for the release next month.