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Future Perfect is a New Game by Natural Selection 2 Developer

From the makers of Natural Selection 2, comes a new project called Future perfect. The newly announced title is about creating games.

According to the studio, Future Perfect is about, “discovering, creating and playing games online with your friends.”

The title isn’t ready for a release yet, but players can pick up an early version of the game soon and participate in the development process by playing daily builds and giving their feedback to the devs. Daily builds will be available for download via Steam.

The game is going to feature a tool that will allow players to create their own game and share it online with friends.

According to the game’s official website:

“The interface is easy enough for complete beginners to use, but also supports advanced capabilities,” the website states. “It is possible to import art and create gameplay scripts. In Future Perfect, editing isn’t a single player affair. Live editing during play is not only possible, it is encouraged!”

Future Perfect started on the same engine that was used in the development of Natural Selection 2. However, the devs upgraded and changed many parts of it. To know more about the engine in detail follow the link here.

Future Perfect isn’t yet available on Steam but whenever it is, I recommend that you by this game only if you like to mess around with unfinished or work-in-progress builds.