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Flyhunter Origins Lands On Vita And PC Next Month

Publisher Ripstone announced that Flyhunter Origins will be ready for release for PS Vita on December 9, 2014 in North America. On December 10, the game will also launch in Europe for the handheld and receive its release on Steam as well.

Flyhunter Origins tells the tale of Zak, a bumbling janitor aboard a spaceship, in charge of maintenance, while the real warriors are in cryo-sleep. Zak would like to be a hunter too, but skills for mop pushing don’t add up to fighting.

That is until an unfortunate accident sends the hunters veering towards the Earth. Zak, as the last remaining alien that’s awake, now must venture to the strange planet and rescue the fallen allies.

This story operates as a classic, side-scrolling platform title. Zak runs and jumps through various garden locations, armed with a flyswatter to crush foes.

Mosquitos, wasps and spiders are the villains du jour in Flyhunter Origins. Some sections will transform the game to a turret shooter or even a Space Harrier-esque flying title.

Flyhunter Origins will release for the low price of $6.99 or €6.99. Hereby, publisher Ripstone continues to publish mostly cheap-ish titles.

Previous releases from the company this year include Pure Pool on new consoles and bizarre adventure Stick It To The Man on Wii U. Recently, Ripstone picked up Kickstarter success Ironcast, which thanked the company with a gift of a steampunk jetpack.

Flyhunter Origins is already available on mobile devices, for both iOS and Android. It costs €2.69 on the former and €2.99 on the latter.