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Far Cry 4 Features Multiple Alternative Endings, How Many Have You Found?

Alex Hutchinson from Ubisoft took to social media in order to reveal that there are multiple alternative endings in the newly released Far Cry 4. How many did you find?

Hutchison confirmed that these alternative endings are triggered by players at different places in Far Cry 4.

Note: Potential spoilers ahead

The first secret ending which is already known and discovered by the fans, is triggered at the prologue when the players listen to the game’s lead antagonist, Pagan Min.

However, Hutchinson stated that there is a another “super secret ending” at the end of Far Cry 4. In order to trigger this ending, players must make a “snap decision”, that will create a new mini location.

Moreover, Alex Hutchinson also teased a bunch of “mini moments, which can be triggered in the middle of the game. He described these moments as “dead-end branches.”

According to a post on twitter:

“You can do it and the result is unique, but it doesn’t affect the end,” he wrote. “We did it for fun, and to squeeze more possible player expressions out of the missions.”

Alternative endings are nothing new to the series and it seems the game will keep its players busy for a while. Far Cry 4 is now available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.