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Daedalic Entertainment Signs The Last Tinker Dev’s Next Game

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has signed developer Mimimi Productions to launch their next project. That new title is yet to be named.

What’s known right now is that it will be a “real-time tactical stealth game.” We’ll have quite some time to think about what that is, because the release date is set for 2016.

Mimimi Productions’ game will release for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. This is the company’s second title, but also the second multi-platform release, so they have experience with that already at least.

Previously, the developer made The Last Tinker: City of Colors. That game was a throwback to classic 3D platform adventure in the style of Banjo Kazooie.

In The Last Tinker, players go on a journey to unify Colortown, after their colors have grown apart. Some spirits offer assistance in the adventure, which allows for some special moves.

The Last Tinker is a breezy game at heart, mixing light puzzle sections and on-rails races into its lush, cardboard environments. There are, however, also some tougher topics that involve racism and alienation.

As a more action-oriented project, the mysterious new game sounds like it’s outside of the realm of the publisher’s usual genre, point and click ventures. Still, Daedalic Entertainment CEO, Carsten Fichtelmann, stated that they scoped out Mimimi Productions specifically, stating:

The acknowledgement of such a hardworking studio and such a promising project are important to us, as these days, German publishers’ willingness to invest in new concepts seems to be close to zero. We deliberately count on teams that share our own way of thinking and working.

Publisher Daedalic will push the project both to retail and digital markets.