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Criminal Girls: Invite Only Release Dates Set

Publisher NIS America continues to localize tons of games for eager fans with the announcement that Criminal Girls: Invite Only has received Western release dates. It will be out in North America on February 3, 2015 and in Europe a few days later, on February 6.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is a remake from the 2010 original that debuted on PSP. It was a Japan exclusive back then, but this localized version on Playstation Vita will see some new content.

For starters, art for the anime roleplaying game (RPG) has been updated with Live2D visuals and effects. Naturally, the game also comes with English text now, though you’ll still be able to enjoy tiny, high-pitched cries in Japanese.

There will also be new locations and scenarios in Criminal Girls: Invite Only. Previously non-playable characters, Miu and Himekami, will be able to get into the player’s hands.

Gameplay is now updated to make use of the PS Vita’s touchscreen functionalities. That means you’ll be able to touch the girls both with the front and back panel of the handheld.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is set in the bowels of hell itself. Seven girls are burdened with seven damning sins. They’ll need to explore the dungeons of hell to walk towards redemption.

It’s possible to fight demons with a party of girls, who may use skills, spells and combos of their own choosing. In turn, the party can be subjugated to punishment; you know, to help them do better.

There will be a digital and physical version of Criminal Girls: Invite Only on release. There might, however, be a bummer for the demographic that enjoys these anime-themed titles, as the publisher states:

In order to bring this title to as many fans as possible in both North America and Europe, NIS America has edited certain aspects of this game.

That means that some of the hanky-panky has been taken out of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, sorry.