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Blackguards 2 Out In January, Better Than Ever, Probably

After a relatively short development period, Blackguards 2 is ready for release. Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced that it will launch the PC roleplaying game (RPG) on January 20, 2015.

Blackguards 2 will offer similar strategic fights as its original. In the game, a party of different characters takes on enemies in turn-based combat on hex-tile grids.

For the sequel, the developers have listened closely to their community, to improve things from the first release. Changes should make the game “more comprehensible, but also more challenging.”

You’ll be able to pick up Blackguards 2 on Steam, GOG and most online stores for $29.99 or a much less fair €29.99 for unfortunate Europeans. Of course, there will be new features, enemies and more to go on.

For Daedalic, Blackguards was the first foray outside of its realm of point and click adventures. Its dark RPG model used the lore of The Dark Eye, mostly popular with German fans.

Characters in the game are a lot raunchier than the plucky characters from the studio’s adventures. Some people booze it up, swear, make lewd remarks and more of that degenerate stuff fit for a party of miscreants.

Blackguards 2 was announced in June, this year. That puts it well under a year of development, coming right off the release of its original as well.

The original Blackguards first did a stint on Steam through Early Access. It then launched at the start of 2014, where it dwindled into anonymity rather quickly.