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Warface Operation Cold Peak Adds Co-op Maps

There’s an update incoming for Warface, the free-to-play shooter from Crytek. Operation Cold Peak, as the new range of content is called, will focus on the cooperative part of the game.

In the update, players will go to Siberia to tackle the Altai Mountains. This new environment will have snow and ice as its main themes, which will be reflected in the weather as well.

There are three new co-op maps in Operation Cold Peak. During missions, players can be hit by a blizzard, which affects gameplay.

Aside from the novel locations, the Warface update will include new boss fights. This is said to come with an area that enhances the game’s tactical abilities, as well as new defensive capabilities, which probably just means some cover elements.

Warface started its existence through a dedicated service, provided by Crytek. The game ran through browsers back then. Since that time, the game has shifted to Steam, where it requires a 4.8Gb download.

Aside from the cooperative mode, Warface has a competitive, team-based element. Two factions with different classes go toe to toe in rather contained maps, which resemble the Call of Duty mold.

Content is unlocked by playing more matches, racking up experience and so on. Further linking it to Activision’s shooter, new items to unlock include better weapons, accessories and so on.

There’s also a slight gimmick in Warface. It’s possible to slide across the ground while running, which can be used to gain low-ground mobility. Getting a kill during a slide nets more experience.

There’s no release date for the Operation Cold Peak update yet.