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Square Enix Will Announce New Console RPG Next Month

Square Enix has teased that it is currently working on a new console RPG that is not a remake and will be announced next month.

Speaking in the latest issue of Famitsu, president Yosuke Matsuda said that the new project is being worked on “specifically for consoles” and the first bit of details will be given in December.

Matsuda didn’t make our lives any easier by telling more about the new title. He did however mention that Square Enix is currently working on “a lot of titles” that not only includes consoles but also PCs and smartphones.

“I believe we should have a wide variety of games to announce after the new year arrives,” he said. “These are projects that began after I assumed the role of president at Square Enix. We’re going to have a lot to show for both Japan and overseas markets.”

There are only two major events taking place next month for Square Enix to make this announcement.

The first is Sony’s PlayStation Experience and the second is The Video Game Awards of 2014. Both events take place early in the month and of the two, the PlayStation Experience seems the likely candidate.

With the month coming to end, we’ll know soon about Square Enix’s new RPG, what consoles it is targeting, will it end up on the PC as well, will it be something completely new and away from any Final Fantasy vibe.

Source: Gematsu