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PlayStation Now Will Be Improved In The Coming Year, Says Andrew House

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House during Investors Relations Day spoke about the future of PlayStation Now service.

He stated that he wants to increase the number of devices that support this service so that more players can get in on the action. Furthermore, he said that some really good games should be added which will attract consumers into using the streaming service.

House continued on to explain that PlayStation Now is a very small part of the PlayStation ecosystem, and it will need more time to evolve and provide the best possible experience.

The beta for this service launched earlier this year and was met with a lot of criticism, largely due to the vague pricing structure.

It allows you to rent games starting from $2 to $20 for few hours or a few weeks. The problem is, most of the games that are available on the service can be purchased for $20, which is why there’s no point in renting them.

The comments from Andrew House have surely assured the users that improvements and new games are inbound for the service, but we still don’t know whether pricing structure is getting a change or not.

Apart from PlayStation Now, there is no other way to play previously released titles, so the improvements are definitely required and hopefully, they will arrive sooner rather than later.