Naruto Online MMO Re-emerges With New Trailer

A new trailer has emerged for Naruto Online, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) project headed to China. Publisher Bandai Namco works together with Chinese company Tencent for the new venture.

In the clip, we see a battle between Naruto, the one with the spikey yellow hair, against Pain, the one with all the face metal. Naruto’s camp is backed up by a group of unknown ninjas, which we speculate are modeled to resemble player creations.

Its cel-shading cinematics may allude that Naruto Online works much like the similarly looking fighting games in the franchise, but the MMO plays more like a party-based roleplaying game (RPG).

Players command a few characters on a formation grid, who fight against opponents on an opposing grid. Each character moves in a turn-based system and can make use of different abilities, such as special jutsus.

Aside from fighting mobs, Naruto Online will also feature large boss fights, such as a giant snake, the sign of Orochimaru.

Normally, Bandai Namco entrusts developer CyberConnect2 for its many iterations. However, Tencent is the major player when it comes to the Chinese market.

Outside of offering a portal for online games, the megacorp that is Tencent is also just a huge entity that has its branches in just about any Chinese business. For instance, the company has deals to exclusively market items like the recently released Xbox One or TV channel HBO.

Moreover, Tencent owns the majority of developer Riot Games, which technically means that they own League of Legends. That’s likely to be a rather profitable venture for the company.

Source: Saiyan Island.