Kadokawa Games Announces 2 New RPG Projects

Publisher Kadokawa Games has announced two new mystery titles, both of them roleplaying games (RPG). It did so at the Kadokawa Games x FromSoftware Media Briefing 2014 Autumn event, though the latter, maker of Dark Souls, isn’t really related to any of this news.

The first teased release is called Project Code: Daten. It’s a dungeon crawler RPG that uses Cthulhu mythology. It uses the following quote:

I will become a fallen angel. For the sake of you and your world.

Kadokawa Games recently worked on Demon Gaze, a dungeon crawler for PS Vita, together with developer Experience. Project Code: Daten will be fully in hands of the publisher.

Its other new game is titled Project Code: Tsukuyomi and will use Japanese mythology in a traditional strategy RPG. Some troops, cherry blossoms and people fighting monsters can be seen in a short teaser for the project.

Few other details are known so far, except that both games will release for yet undetermined Playstation platforms. Additionally, president of Kadokawa Games, Yoshimi Yasuda, will lead both projects.

Hopefully, the company has more luck with its big ideas than it did last time. Its most recent release is the fumbled Natural Doctrine.

Natural Doctrine first had a horrible launch period in Japan, exacerbated by missed dates that would’ve put it as a Playstation 4 launch title. Once localized, the game received lukewarm reviews, despite its hardcore gaming elements, such as permadeath and an increased difficulty curve.

It’s been a while since Kadokawa Games backed a winner. Maybe at least one of these two will do the trick.

Source: Siliconera.