Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Update Teased in a New Video

The players of Guild Wars 2 episodic content Living World would know that Caithe made off with the fabled Dragon Egg last time around, which might have been the key in defeating Mordremoth.

In the upcoming episode Seeds of Truth, you will be tasked to find Cathie, and to see the preview of what’s in store, check out the attached video above.

The video quotes that “to catch a thief, you must become a thief.”

If you are familiar with the game’s living world, then you would know that it explores the past events, and this new trailer suggests that we might be getting a detailed look in the past of Cathie and her relationship with Faolain.

In related news, it was reported earlier today that Guild Wars 2 will be available at 50% price starting tomorrow on the game’s store page, so keep an eye out for that as well.

You will be able to get your hands on Seeds of Truth starting December 2.