First Beyond Skyrim Content Arriving in Summer 2015

The highly anticipated fan made mod called Beyond Skyrim has received some new information and a new video.

With this mod, creators have tried to combine the worlds of previous Elder Scrolls games into Skyrim. First on the list is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as the developers try to fully integrate its world into the latest installment.

The main focus now is on the location called Bruma, which will see the light of day in summer of 2015.

To get a taste of what these modders have been up to, check out the attached video above. You will see improved graphics, more details and some work in progress locations.

Not only this mod will bring some enhancements and new cities, it will also feature new quests with fully voiced characters along with some custom music and artwork.

Modders also reveal that the team working on the project is increasing rapidly, so the development can move at a faster pace.

Furthermore, they have asked some video games voice actors to take some sort of role in Beyond Skyrim. As of now, River Kanoff who played General Gaius in Dust: An Elysian Tail, has signed up to lend his voice.

Creators have also revealed that work on another location High Rock is 80% complete. This location and more will be added to the mod after the initial launch next year.

You can get more details on Beyond Skyrim on Dark Creations’ Forums.