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Destiny: The Dark Below Won’t Phase Out Your Current Exotic Gear

Destiny players fretting over the the fate of their hard earned Exotic items should know that the upcoming release of The Dark Below expansion pack will not phase their items out.

Farming for rare and basically awesome gear in Destiny is a farm-fest, and is also one of the main reasons that many disliked how Bungie’s title came out to be. Players have to spend a lot of time in the world grinding away in caves and corners, waiting for enemies to respawn, just enough to be able to obtain that special item.

The upcoming expansion pack will also add new items and weaponry. These will be superior and hence comes the fear that everything players have done to obtain their current wares will become useless in front of the new offerings.

Bungie has stated that it has a new system that will address this issue. In short, no your current Exotic gear will not totally phase out. Players will be able to upgrade their current gear through a new system that will help them keep their gear longer – at least until they have farmed enough to done on the new superior equipment featured in The Dark Below.

“We promised to make all of your Exotics worth the price of ownership, and you should expect to hear more about how they’ll continue to be prized possessions in the short term future,” said Bungie.

The Dark Below is scheduled for release on December 9.