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The Crew: No Reviews Until the Game’s Release

Earlier this month, Assassin’s Creed Unity came out. The game was a complete mess at launch and faced numerous issues across all platforms. Due to the review embargo, publishers held back reviews until the game came out. So, the fans had no idea what to expect before purchase.

Now, I don’t really buy the idea of weaponizing the embargo and that is a discussion for another time. However, many of you do believe that Ubisoft intentionally held back the reviews so that they benefit from the first rush of sales which surely would have been affected due to early reviews.

The exact same thing is being done with The Crew, which has me worried. Ubisoft announced the news through a post on its website.

And according to it, there will be no reviews available to the fans until the game hits the market. The reason for the embargo is pretty similar to the one with Assassin’s Creed Unity. Check it out below:

“The Crew was built from the beginning to be a living playground full of driving fans, so it’s only possible to assess our game in its entirety with other real players in the world. And by other, we mean thousands and thousands and thousands of players – something that can’t be simulated with a handful of devs playing alongside the press.

For this very reason, The Crew will be available to media to begin their reviews when the game launches on December 2.”

Like I said before, I don’t agree with the idea of a company weaponizing the embargo and the reason they gave is totally justifiable, if it’s true. However, after what happened with Unity, this certainly seems suspicious.

Before you get worried, let me tell you that compared to AC Unity, there are less chances of The Crew being broken. Why? Because the product has been extensively tested through multiple betas. That should give us all some hope.

What do you think of the whole situation? Is Ubisoft’s decision justified? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Ubisoft