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Walmart Getting the Second Wave of Amiibo Figures on Dec. 14

Amiibo figurines are the latest Nintendo toys and if you ask me, they are a must have for every Nintendo fan. While the first wave of these awesome figures has hit stores, fans are waiting to get their hands on the second wave.

Nintendo hasn’t given a solid release yet and has only stated that they will be available in December.

However, according to retail giant Walmart, the second wave will hit us all on December 14. This is not just a leak on there website, the company has confirmed it in on twitter as well.

In reply to a question, Walmart stated:

“Yes, the release date for Captain Falcon Amiibo is set for December 14. Are you looking forward to it? – WalmartElves”

So far, Nintendo hasn’t denied or confirmed this statement by the retailer. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something more.

The second wave of Amiibo figures will include characters such as Captain Falcon, Zelda, Luigi, Little Mac, Toon Link, Pit and more. Each will retail for $12.99.

These figures can be used to transfer data and more to the Wii U. Different games will support different features. All you have to do is tap the Amiibo figure to the Gamepad and see the magic happen.

The December 14 release date is pretty close to Christmas, so demand will be high. I recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible, if you want to get your hands on these figures.