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The Dark Below Expansion Will Feature Swords, Bungie Confirms

Bungie has confirmed that that there will be a mission in the upcoming expansion of Destiny, The Dark Below, in which players will get a chance to wield a Hive Sword.

Previously, through some data mining, it was rumored that swords will be a part of Crota’s End raid but now it seems that we would be using it in another mission as well.

Developers made this revelation in the new developer diary, which is posted exclusively on GameInformer.

The developers in the same video reveal that Strike Missions have been made a part of the main quest this time around.

In the full game released a couple of months ago, Strike Missions were separate from the main storyline.

Furthermore, the video showcases new PvP maps that will headed to the game through The Dark Below expansion. Some snippets from the upcoming raid have been shared as well.

If you are looking forward to play the expansion, then the video is a must watch.

The Dark Below is one of the two expansions that Bungie has revealed as for now, and to provide some taste of it, the opening cinematic video was released, which you can check out here.

The Dark Below is set to arrive on December 9, while the second expansion called House of Wolves will release sometime in 2015.