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Sony Reveals PlayStation 4 SDK 2.0; New Developer Features Detailed

With the Firmware 2.0 of PlayStation 4 released, it would make sense that the company is also taking care of the developers who are going to be making games for the system.

So Sony has revealed a gigantic list of details regarding their PlayStation 4 SDK 2.0 that is supposed to aid the game developers in their job by giving them new features and technology to use.

The software development kit 2.0 was actually detailed by the company at a CEDEC event in Japan recently where a boatload of slides were shared to explain the concept behind the SDK 2.0 and some of the features that they wish to focus on through it.

Basically, they discussed four features namely ShareFactory, Themes, YouTube and Share Play.

In the start the explained how the Share Play feature works and how they wish to use it for promotion of their titles through demo gameplay videos shared by users. Then they discussed the Themes and different customization options that they bring to the display.

The video editing options provided by ShareFactory and the ability to upload videos to Facebook and YouTube were discussed next.

The technical elements of the SDK 2.0 were discussed next; firstly they talked about the improvements that it can bring to the PlayStation Camera in terms of GPU usage, processing time and performance improvements. In the future the performace of the camera in darker rooms will be better.

There are going to be improvements in the face and hand detection algorithm of the camera as well. the software will use hand trackers to ensure they are following the correct person out of the people in front of the camera.

Renderings of augmented reality images and the improvements in terms of light conditions were also discussed and moreover, it was claimed that the images will be lit more realistically and in line with the real world lighting conditions.

You may check out all the slides yourself to get a full blow of the technical aspects of all the features that the PlayStation SDK 2.0 brings to the table by going here.