Rayman Legends Leak Shows Scratched NFC Support

A leaked concept for Rayman Legends has been leaked. Through reports by Unseen64, we can see a video and some stills of material that never made it into the game.

This info dates back to when Rayman Legends was still an exclusive for Nintendo Wii U. After a somewhat silent development period, publisher Ubisoft ultimately decided to scratch the Wii U exclusivity, to much fan chagrin.

In the concepts, there’s a prototype for nearfield communication (NFC) devices, before these became a known item. With an additional figure, either a heart or a Rabbid, it would’ve been possible to alter gameplay.

For instance, the heart would rain down from the screen and replenish player health. With the Rabbid figure, enemies in the game would appear as bunnies and some would be visible in the background.

In the clip, Ubisoft teases an Assassin’s Creed doll as well, though that effect isn’t seen.

NFC support is currently being introduced through Nintendo’s amiibo figures. It’s likely that Rayman wouldn’t have been able to gain the same amount of traction with its NFC feature.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Other changes made to Rayman Legends affected the challenge mode on Wii U. Whereas the final version only lets players go through Ubisoft levels, the original design showed user-generated content and even in-game currency, called Rubis.

A different map, called Chateau Dracula, sported a dark theme and allowed Rayman to run over rooftops, through a moonlit town. This idea never made it past the first concept stages.

Rayman Legends is unlikely to gain NFC support or bring in any of these scratched ideas, as no additional content or even a sequel are in the plans at Ubisoft right now.