New Kingdom Under Fire II Video Highlights PS4 Controls

Kingdom Under Fire II is heading to PS4 and PC in the coming months. Under development at Blueside, the game aims to marge role-playing, MMO and real-time strategy genres.

Considering the nature of the game, the controls will have to be precise. While the PC players have nothing to worry about in this regard, how will the controls work on PS4?

The answer to that question can be found in the video above.

The footage shows some awesome gameplay from the PS4 version of Kingdom Under Fire II. The most interesting part is that there is a picture-in-picture that shows the game being played using the DS4 controller.

You can see the touch being used for directional commands while the R3 is used to change camera distance.

Different hero skills can be used by combining the 4 front buttons with both L2 and R2. As for the movement, traditional controls are used.

In Kingdom Under Fire II, you can command your hero and the troops at the same time. The hero can run around freely while his troops follow.

The development of this title has seen its ups and downs since it was announced but the developers now seem to be on top of things.

Developer Blueside is aiming for a summer 2015 release on the PS4, while the PC version will hit the market before that.