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Microsoft Explains Why You Didn’t Get Xbox One First Year Gifts

It’s been a year since Microsoft released its latest home-console, Xbox One. The console is one-year old now so this occasion is certainly worth celebrating and exactly what Microsoft did.

The company gave a number of gifts to its loyal Xbox One fans. The majority of them received their free gifts but some of them were left-out.

Before you start trashing MS for it, you should know why this happened. The reason behind this is pretty straight forward actually.

When the company announced that they will be giving some awesome gifts, they stated that they will be contacting the receiver via email and also said that fans should make sure they have opted-in to receive marketing emails from the company.

The ones that did authorized Microsoft to send marketing emails, had no issues. However, the ones that didn’t authorize, are the ones who were left-out.

Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg confirmed this on twitter:

“we have to have their permission to email them. Most have opted in. Of course things like sunset free for 24 hours does not require”

He further stated:

“I am trying to help out folks that I can. Some we have delivered via the live service. I believe we hit 99% here.”

I don’t know if you’ll get an email now, but in order to receive gifts in the future during similar events, opt-in for marketing emails.

If you don’t know how to, let me explain:

1: Go to
2: Log-in and Click on MyProfile
3: Click on Privacy Settings
4: Click on Choose Preference

So there you have it, allow Microsoft to send you emails in order to avoid being left-out next time.