A Metal Slug Revolution! What Have They Done To You?

Publisher SNK Playmore owns the lucrative Metal Slug name, which has been known to produce a ton of titles over the years, most of them fairly well accepted. Its latest project for the franchise, Metal Slug Revolution, might be one of its boldest iterations yet.

In this game, the run and gun classic gets some roleplaying game (RPG) sensibilities. Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio are characters known to be available.

In Metal Slug Revolution, players are assisted by a few Slugs, which act as pets. These war vehicles of different levels can include the classic mini-tanks, rocket launchers and so on.

It’s possible to call in air strikes or even have huge nukes fall on the playing field. This may be the most hectic release ever, despite the fact that previous games were already tightly paced.

There will be 250 Slugs to obtain and a whopping 150 levels. Aside from a Mission mode, Metal Slug Revolution has a Player vs. Player competitive option.

Boss fights are also still a part of the game. In Survival mode, it’s possible to take on giant vehicles with friends.

Metal Slug Revolution is a game announced for iOS and Android. As such, the franchise’s iconic pixel art that has inspired generations is being updated to simple line art. That’s kind of a weird move on SNK’s part.

It’s going to be interesting to see how arcade fans will react to a change of this magnitude to a series that has otherwise stayed rather steady for ages. It’s definitely an original idea, but whether it will work out for Metal Slug Revolution is uncertain.

Source: Siliconera.