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Just Cause 3 Rico Evolves To Jeans-Wearing Everyman

With Just Cause 3 announced, some information about the evolution of the game’s protagonist, Rico, has emerged. Like any franchise that moves forward in time and popularity, the character has seen quite some changes.

In the first Just Cause, the build for Rico is goofier, with inspirations that link to Che Guevara in Desperado style. Rico, 18 years-old, is recruited by The Agency, where the soldier performs black ops to overthrow dictators.

For the second iteration, which is the breakout title for the series, Rico is more serious. A Scorpion nickname follows the operative around, which is furthered by the use of the game’s grappling hook that serves as a grabbing analogy.

For Just Cause 3, the scorpion theme stays with pincer-like grapple hook mods on the character’s wrist, which can retract when using a weapon. On the other arm, there’s a watch that always points to a quarter to five.

The rest of Rico’s look is adapted to look more realistic, while also representing the departure from The Agency. Instead of a uniform, the clothing style is more urban, fitting blue jeans and work boots.

Realism is also applied to the many gadgets that are used in Just Cause 3. A hook now rests on the character’s shoulder, which allows it to be tethered without breaking poses.

The parachute harness is redesigned so it can serve multiple purposes. Guns are now stored on a gun rack holster on Rico’s back, which should look better.

Even the safety harness is modeled after construction workers’ equipment. There’s a lot of Nathan Drake going on in there, isn’t there?

Just Cause 3 will release for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2015.

Source: Game Informer.