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Infinity Blade Coming to Xbox One as a Kinect Title?

It seems like that one of the best iOS franchises Infinity Blade will be making its way to Xbox One as a Kinect title.

Chinese video game developer Tencent, who have worked on the Monster Hunter Online and some other popular titles, has launched a teaser site which states that a new Xbox One game is in development, which will be officially revealed on November 28.

Just a few hours after the launch of this website, A9VG announced that according to their sources, this teaser website is for the iOS title Infinity Blade, which will now be coming to Xbox One.

The series has made its mark on iOS consumers and would certainly be appreciated by Xbox One users as well.

First title in the franchise was released almost 4 years ago with the latest installment getting released last year, which according to the recent reports has been downloaded over 50 million times.

Infinity Blade mostly takes players on a linear path, as they take on enemies in one on one battles. In the fight, you have to attack, defend and dodge enemy attacks by pressing the assigned buttons at the right time.

It will be interesting to see how the game will look and play on Xbox One if it is indeed the game that is being teased on the website.

Would you play Infinity Blade using Kinect on Microsoft’s new gen console?