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Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble Playlist is Now Live

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been a disappointment in terms of its performance but 343 seems committed to fix its various issues. The primary problem faced by numerous players, was related to matchmaking.

To improve things a bit, 343 temporarily removed some of the playlists from the game, earlier this month. One of which was, Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble playlist.

Rumble fans will be happy to know that their favorite playlist has returned. After some final testing, 343 revealed the news of its return is a post on Halo waypoint.

In the post, the company stated that Rumble is set to 10 players max and doesn’t have ranking. They also revealed that some modification will be made in the near future after the matchmaking issues are “ironed-out.”

“The Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble playlist is now live. The playlist is currently set to 10 players max and does not feature ranking, however we’ll be modifying to 8 players max and adding ranked play once we’ve ironed out existing matchmaking issues.”

Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble playlist will offer a variety of game-types and will not be affected by known issues such as uneven teams and party splitting.

Other playlists including Team Hardcore, Swat (rotational) and more are still off the cards. Hopefully, we will hear something regarding the return of these popular playlists soon.

Till then, try out the Rumble playlist and let us know what you think of its performance in the comments below!