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EA Servers are Facing Issues due to DDoS Attacks by Lizard Squad

The famous hacking group called Lizard Squad is at it again. They have managed to take down the EA servers thanks to the DDoS attacks.

Subscribers have been unable to login or use any of the services from EA since the attacks, and Origin has received more than 2000 reports complaining about the service issues.

Earlier today on twitter, Lizard Squad announced that they have taken down the EA servers and have a plan for something else later today.

EA Support and Origin on their respective twitter accounts stated that the work on restoring the servers is going on as fast as possible, and they will be up soon.

Lizard Squad has become real pain for the companies due to the endeavors like these, and they are not looking to stop anytime soon.

As mentioned before, they have already planned an attack for later today, which could be any popular game or developer.

Yesterday, the same group of hackers took down servers of Rockstar Games and Destiny. Rockstar has managed to recover, but players of Destiny are still reporting the server problems.

You can stay tuned to the Lizard Squad twitter account to find out about their upcoming plans that is if you are interested.