Batman Arkham Knight: The First Part of “Ace Chemical Infiltration” Gameplay Revealed

Warner Bros. has revealed the first part of the Ace Chemical Infiltration gameplay video. In the video, you’ll see the caped crusader trying his best to infiltrate Ace Chemicals.

However, getting inside this facility won’t be an easy task as the new character known as the Arkham Knight is standing in Batman’s way. His objective is simple, keep Batman away from Ace Chemicals, and he’ll do everything in his power to stop the Dark Knight.

Judging by the footage above, it seems as though the Arkham Knight is working for the Scarecrow, but why? Arkham Knight seem to have a personal vendetta against Batman. You can hear a voice telling the Arkham Knight to keep Batman away, and that he will soon have his “vengeance.”

Nothing much is known about this new character at the moment but we’ll know more once the other 2 parts of the Ace Chemical gameplay are revealed. The footage also shows the Batmobile’s seamless integration into gameplay and some new gameplay features such as the Fear Takedown.

Batman Arkham Knight is the last installment in the Batman Arkham series and will end the trilogy with answers to some burning questions.

Batman Arkham Knight was planned for a release this year but was later delayed into 2015. The game will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 next year.