Watch How Lethal Kan-Ra is in Killer Instinct Season 2

Last week Microsoft Studios had confirmed another character for the Killer Instinct Season 2, Kan-Ra.

The story of this character is even more horrid than his looks. He is a Babylonian Sorcerer from two thousand years ago who was cursed after he failed to assassinate a king.

As you can see in the trailer above, Kan-Ra is really dead looking character that is covered in tattering mummy like reels off clothes that are thousands of years old. He looks Egyptian from his jewelry but that is not all he is.

This guy is bad news; can grab you in those mummy bandages and play with you like a ping pong – no exaggeration. The worst part is, when he is done with you, he takes your soul saying ‘you no longer need this!’

So far we have known about four characters that are going to be a part of Killer Instinct Season 2 apart from Kan-Ra. These are T. J. Combo, Riptor and Cinder (all three from the original Killer Instinct); and Maya (from Killer Instinct 2).

Check out the Killer instinct Season 2 trailer above and tell us what you think of Kan-Ra.