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Understanding Dragon Age Inquisition Cross Class Combos

Dragon Age Inquisition Cross Class Combos involve setting up an enemy with a disabling status effect by one class. For example:

  • Warriors – Stun
  • Rogue – Sleep
  • Mages – Freeze/Paralyze

Once an enemy is disabled, hit them with another class’s detonate ability:

  • Warriors – Impact
  • Rogue – Precision
  • Mages – Eldritch

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Each class in the game has one specialization tree which allows them to acquire a Setup/Detonator effect from a different class. Refer to the information provided below, courtesy of Thrones6 of BioWare Forums:

Dragon Age Inquisition Cross Class Combos

Cross Class Combo #1

  • Warrior Stun: Impact Detonator (Warrior, Basic combo)
  • Precision Detonator (Rogue, Rupture)
  • Eldritch Detonator (Mage, Weakness)

Cross Class Combo #2

  • Rogue sleep: Impact Detonator (Warrior, Rupture)
  • Precision Detonator (Rogue, Basic combo)
  • Eldritch Detonator (Mage, Nightmare)

Cross Class Combo #3

  • Mage Freeze: Impact Detonator (Warrior, Shatter)
  • Precision Detonator (Rogue, Shatter)
  • Eldritch Detonator (Mage, Basic Combo)

Cross Class Combo #4

  • Mage Paralyze: Impact Detonator (Warrior, Discharge)
  • Precision Detonator (Rogue, Discharge)
  • Eldritch Detonator (Mage, Basic Combo)

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