Two Civilization Online Trailers Show Paris, War and More

It has been a while since we have heard of the Civilization Online, the MMO being made in the Civilization series. However, two trailers have surfaced showing off what the game’s closed beta phase is offering to the fans.

Both the trailers were shown off at the Global game Exhibition 2014 aka G-Star 2014 event that was held recently in Korea.

The first trailer (above) starts off by showing you some of the creative wonders that the game can achieve and goes on to flaunt a beautiful Paris complete with the Eifel Tower and all. Then you are given a taste of destruction with battles including everything from cavalry to missiles and ships.

Moving on, the second trailer (below) start with a lighter note; showing off the beautiful world with sceneries and wildlife. This is again followed by war including all sorts of armies; ancient and modern.

Check out both the trailer and then tell us what you think of Civilization Online; would you be interested in playing the game?

Civilization Online has been in the making since 2012 and since then, XL Games has been working on the development together with 2K Games.