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New Advanced Warfare Character Loot Confirmed for Next Week

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare might have been going through some hot waters recently but that doesn’t mean that Sledgehammer Games is going to slow down on getting you something more in the game.

For instance, the recently revealed new character loot.

The official Twitter profile of Sledgehammer Games has a new tweet regarding new gear drop saying that they will be bringing you another Character Loot next week in the form of an Elite Nigerian Commander gear.

The picture above was also shared alongside the tweet.

That being said, most of the stuff we have reported with regards to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in the recent days has been nothing but the ever infuriating connectivity issues that the shooter has faced ever since it was released.

That is not the only problem that the game has faced, there have been notorious map exploits, countless glitches and above all, some horrendous spawning issues.

The developers have been releasing updates on a regular basis to patch up the game as much as they can on a quick notice, but somehow even the new updates have been causing new issues for the game.

I wonder how much this new character loot will help them with the game if the problems persist. Here’s to hoping that Sledgehammer Games gets rid of the problems before it is too late.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was released to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on November 4 internationally; however the Japanese community had to wait until November 13 to get the game.